The legendery Grand Duke Utenis founded the town of Utena in Lithuania. According to Lithuanian genealogy, one of Utenis‘children was no less of a legend. His name was Šventaragis and he founded a place of worship in a valley at the confluence of the Vilnis and Neris Rivers in Vilnius.
The legends surrounding the founding of both of these cities are hinted at in the exhibition as well as the reason why it is being shown in Vilnius. Truth be told, the entire show is based on hints on what Utena is and perhaps could be:
The poet Nyka Nyliūnas considered Utena the top city in the world. The Artist Marianne von Werefkin had a family mansion in the Utena region and regarded it as God‘s blesing. Utena is also a revolutionary girl in Japanese anime. After a month of measuring happiness in the city of Utena with a „Happiness Barometer“, the current strategy for the city of Utena has focused on making the city an even happier place to live.
This exhibition is about micro-legends and a creator‘s relationship to his native city. Based on various stories, one is transported in time from a personal relationship to one of general history and visions for cities.
Works for exhibition were created in collaboration with Lina Praudzinskaitė, Domas Rinius, Ingrida Kepalaitė, Miglė Križinauskaitė, Vitalij Červiakov.