Jurgita Žvinklytė

In 2011 finished Vilnius Academy of fine arts. Since 2015 is a member of Lithuanian interdisciplinary artist association. Field of interest is in ethnography, anthropology, psychogeography and history, while using different type of media as ceramics, video, sound art, internet, performances and installations to produce an art work.


2009 – 2011 Vilnius Academy of fine arts, sculpture MA, class of Prof. H. B. Andersen
2008.02 – 06 Socrates/Erasmus exchange studies. Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey
2005 – 2009 Vilnius Academy of fine arts, ceramics BA

Personal exhibitions
2019.02.13 “Utenos mansarda” sound installation at “Pokšt”, Utena , Lithuania
2018.07-09 “Utenis calling”, at JMVMC (Jonas Mekas visual art centre), Vilnius, Lithuania
2013.03.08 “Finally you like me”. 7md newspaper art project, Lithuania
2012.02 Thursday review – Jurgita Žvinklytė. Open review and exposition at gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius, Lithuania;

Joint exhibitions
2018.10 Project „Verpėjos salose“ presentation at “Sodu 4”, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017.10 Project „Verpėjos“ presentation-performance at “Sodu 4”, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2016.02 Curated residencies QUESTIONING ARTS exhibition “Iš kur tas balsas - ar iš tavo žando, ar iš mano delno“at Simbahöllin residency space. Thingeri, Iceland
2015.09 Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association new member’s exhibition
Įvardijamieji // The Namables at LTMKS Sodu 4. Vilnius, Lithuania
2015.06 Curated residencies QUESTIONING ARTS exhibition “Iš kur tas balsas - ar iš tavo žando, ar iš mano delno“at the Utena art centre, Leliūnai, Lithuania;
2015.04 “Juodos rožės“ at JMVMC (Jonas Mekas visual art centre), Vilnius, Lithuania;
2015.02 “Migrating art academies” laboratory “Edges“ exhibition. Reykjavik, Iceland;
2014.04 Media art festival ENTER 12. “Šiaulių meno galerija”, Šiauliai , Lithuania;
2013.06 ART VILNIUS’13 international contemporary art fair. LITEXPO, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2012.07 Lithuanian art 2012. 18 exhibitions (“Space, Time and Reminiscences“, “Proteus“) Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) Vilnius, Lithuania;
2012.04. 21 THURSDAY, at gallery “Vartai”. Vilnius, Lithuania;
2011.06 “Performance nights. Bydgoszcz“. Gallery “Meno parkas”, Kaunas, Lithuania
2011.05 “Editing Spaces. Reconsidering the Public“, an exhibition in the Public (Media)
Space of Vilnius. Lithuania;
2011.05.07 One day project-dedication in the house of Vileišiai. “gegužės7“, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2010.05 Performance during Interdisciplinary art exhibition of young artists “Pharmacy'” at
“Fluxus ministerija”, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2009.06 4th Exhibition of Lithuanian art of penmanship at KKKC, Klaipeda, Lithuania;
2008.06 “Kesisen yollar”, Hacettepe and Gazi universities students’ exhibition. Cankaya Contemporary Art centre, Ankara, Turkey;
2008.05 ECUME (VIIIth Mediterranean seas art schools meeting) “Art and Environment”.
Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey;

2019 zine "A NE TU"
2018 zine "Verpėjos"
2014 MMC cultural guide “Literatų gatvė, kultūrinis gidas“,
2013 Catalog ART VILNIUS’13, Lithuania
2012 Catalog Lietuvos dailė: 18 parodų (Lithuanian art: 18 exhibitions), Lithuania;
2012 Art Magazine “studija” No.2(83), Latvia
2012 February 03 magazine “Literatūra ir menas”(Literature and art), Lithuania;
2008 Magazine Seramiek, Turkey.

Attended residencies/workshops/laboratories
2018.08 simpozium "verpėjos salose", Salos II, Lithuania
2017.08 simpozium "verpėjos", Marcinkonys, Lithuania
2016.01 Curated residencies QUESTIONING ARTS II part at Simbahöllin residency space. Thingeri, Iceland
2015.05.11-.11 Curated residencies QUESTIONING ARTS I part at Utenos meno centras, Leliūnai, Lithuania;
2015.02.23-03.01 Migrating art academies laboratory „Edges“ at „Algera studio“, Reykjavik, Iceland;
2010.10 Performance art workshop, leaded by Nanna Lysholt-Hansen (Denmark), the concept laboratory of Vilnius Academy of Fine arts, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2008.05 ECUME, international meeting of Mediterranean coast art Schools, workshop „Urban braiding“, leaded by Daniel Roth (France), Ankara, Turkey.

Awards/ Nominees
2018 Lietuvos Kultūros Taryba (Lithuanian Council for Culture) individual grand for a project A NE TU,
2008 Grant for Socrates/Erasmus exchange programme at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Tureky