Google ethnography. Pseudo LT/IS nation.

„Two cultures combine squeezing each other in a stunning, ambiguous embrace, it seems only then, when each of them can significantly overpower one another.”

This work was created during the curated residency program QUESTIONING ARTS.  I refer to the concepts mentioned in James Clifford’s book „The Predicament of Culture“ : changes of a place, ethnographic surrealism / surrealistic ethnography. They have influenced me to search for my own ethnographic/creative way, which I call Google Ethnography. Pseudo LT/IS nation .

During the visits I had explored how Lithuania and Iceland are represented in the Google search system. Based on the results of the research, stratifying and combining the information about Lithuania and Iceland, a pseudo culture with its own map, statistics and ethnography was designed. Thus deliberately  roughly and artificially laminating Lithuanian and Icelandic national attributes (flag, anthem, portrait of a man and a woman, pop music, etc.) and opening a very important critical and anthropological discourse of international friendship and identity in the Internet (and not only) space.

Google search engine is a tool, that has become our everyday life and in a way – a tool of communication. I believe that some Google language principles are already beginning to appear, there are existing terms that can be understood only by knowing what Google is.